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UNO R3 RFID learn Advanced Version Starter Kit

Fr 65,000.00

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Package include

1x1Pcs 74HC595


1×1 RGB LED Module

1x1Sound detector

1x1Dht11 Module

1x1DS1302 Module

1x1Water level Sensor

1x1Pcs 4digit display

1x1pcs 8×8 Matrix

1x1Arduino Uno

1×1 RFID Reader+Card

1x1LCD Display 16×2 with I2C

1x1Stepper Motor+Motor Driver

1x1Matrix Keyboard

1x1Remote control


1×1 Relay Module 1 channel

1×10 Green LED

1×10 Yellow LED

1×10 Blue LED

1x1pcs 830 point breadboard

1×4 push button


1×2 Active buzzer

1x1SG90 Servo motor

1x1Digit display

1x1pcs 1×40 Single row male

1×1 battery connector

1×20 jumper wires

1×20 male to female wires



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