Soldering Desoldering Station 858D 220V / 110V 700W Adjustable Digital Display Heat Gun BGA SMD Hot Air Gun Rework Solder Repair

Fr 75,000.00

Iron temperature: it will reduce function when temperature is high, so please low temperature. With strong recover temperature function. Lower temperature weld enough and protect the temperature sensitive components.


clean-up: clean soldering iron with cleaning sponge. After welding, iron oxide and iron carbide welding damage it, heat conduction will decrease. Please clean iron oxide to prevent damage and low the temperature.

– when not use: please keep lower temperature when don’t use it, high temperature will generate oxide and reduce thermal conductivity function



  • Model : 858D
  • type : LED digital display
  • power consumption: 700W
  • output voltage:(AC24V)
  • temperature range: 100°C-450°C
  • heating components: chinaware handle
  • length: 110cm
  • dimension: 138mm(H)*10mm(W)*150mm(L) weight: 1.35kg


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