SN74LS04 – Hex Inverting Gates

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  • 74LS04 is a member of 74XXYY IC series. The 74-series are digital logic integrated circuits,74LS04 IChas six NOT gates. These NOT gates perform Inverting function. Hence name HEX INVERTING GATES.


  • Supply voltage range: +4.75V to +5.25V
  • Maximum supply voltage: +7V
  • Maximum current allowed to draw through each gate output: 8mA
  • Totally lead free
  • TTL outputs
  • MaximumRise Time: 15ns
  • Maximum Fall Time: 15ns
  • Operating temperature:0°C  to 70 °C

SN4LS04 Equivalents

CD7404, 74LS14, A single transistor can be configured to form a NOT gate.

Where to Use SN74LS04 IC?

Here are few cases where 74LS04 is used.

  1. The chip is basically used where a logic inverter is needed. Inverter Gates in this chip provide output which is negated logic input. The chip has six gates which do NOT operation.
  2. When you want TTL outputs. The gates in this chip provide TTL logic outputs which are a must in some applications.
  3. 74LS04 is a low cost chip available in market and so it is used when application cost is low.


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