S9012 PNP Transistor

RWF 300.00

The S9012 transistor is an PNP transistor with excellent gain capability so that you can use it in amplifier application. The maximum DC gain it can give is 400 and it can have transistor frequency is 150MHz. It can have maximum collector current of 400mA and maximum collector power dissipation of 300mW.


It is an active component and it can also be used in switching circuits to turn on or off the intended devices. It has 3 terminals namely Base(B), Collector(C), Emitter(E) for connections with other components in the circuit. Some transistors also contain fourth terminal named Substrate(S).


  • PNP Transistor
  • Maximum DC Current Gain: 400
  • Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage: -0.6V
  • Base-Emitter Saturation Voltage: -1.2V
  • Transition Frequency: 150MHz
  • Excellent Linear Gain Range
  • Available TO-92 Package


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