PCF8591 AD/DA Conversion Analog-To-Digital /Digital-to-Analog Converter Module

RWF 6,000.00

AD (analog / digital) / DA (digital / analog) module can serve as a bridge between digital and analog. With an analog input of 0V – 5V, a value of 8 bit is generated, which is sent again by means of the I2C protocol. This module also contains 1 output channel, which generates an analog output from an 8-bit value.


This module has 3 built-in sensors as a bonus, which can be switched on and off by means of jumpers; a photoresistor, thermistor and potentiometer. In addition to the digital output, there is also a LED present which, depending on the analog input, is very light to very bright.


  • Type: PCF8519 Module AD/DA Converter
  • Applications: Electronic product
  • Voltage Supply: 2.5V-6V
  • Max VDD:-0.5V-8V
  • Interface: I2C
  • I2C rate: 100 KHz
  • Resolution (ADC):8 bit
  • Input (Single ended/differential):4/2
  • Supply current max (Aout off, Aout on):250 uA/1mA
  • Standby mode (no load-typ,max):1uA,15uA
  • Offset error (ADC,DAC):20mV,50mV
  • Linearity error:±1.5 LSB
  • Gain Error:1%
  • Differential input range:-Vfs/2-+Vfs/2
  • I2C addresses(h/W selected =8off:0x48-0x4F
  • Operating temperature:-40°C-85°C


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