OPT101 Light Intensity Breakout Sensor Module Single Chip Photoelectric Diode for Amplifier FZ3419

RWF 10,000.00

OPT101 is a monolithic photodiode with on-chip transimpedance amplifier.The ingrated combination of photodiode and transimpedance amplifier on a single chip eliminates the problems commonly encountered in discrete designs, such as leakage current errors, noise pick-up, and gain peaking as a result of stray capacitance.Output voltage increases linearly with light intensity. The amplifier is designed for singlr or dual power-supply operation.


1.Single Supply:2.7-36V
2.Photodiode Size:2.29mm*2.29mm
3.Internal 1Mohm Feedback Resistor
4.High Responsivity:0.45A/W(650nm)
6.Low Qulescent Current:120UA
7.Packages:Clear plastic 8-pin PDIP and J-Lead SOP

1.Medical Instrumentation
2.Laboratory Instrumentation
3.Position and Proximity Sensors
4.Photographic Analyzers
5.Barcode Scanners
6.Smoke Detectors
7.Currency Changers


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