MQ5 Methane Natural Combustible Gas Sensor

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MQ5 is a sensitive gas sensor that can detect or sense liquefied gas, propane, butane, natural, and other combustible gases in the environment. And, hence used in gas leakage detectors, and other industrial gas detectors, or monitoring devices. The output voltage of this MQ5 Gas sensor increases when the concentration of gases or a gas increases. We can adjust the sensitivity by adjusting the potentiometer.

Working Principle of MQ5

The sensor includes a sensitive filament formed of tin dioxide. In clean air, this filament has lower electrical conductivity. When there is a combustible gas like LPG in the surrounding, the conductivity of filament rises, and the amount of change in its resistance can show the equivalent gas concentration.


  • Small sensitivity to alcohol, smoke.
  • Fast response
  • Stable and long life
  • Simple drive circuit
  • Indication of the signal output.
  • Dual signal output (analog output, and TTL level output)
  • TTL output signal is low. (When low output signal light, and can be connected directly to the microcontroller)
  • Liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, city gas, better sensitivity.
  • Has a long life and reliable stability


  • Working Voltage: 4.9V-5.1V
  • Heater Resistance: 31±10%
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • Sensing Resistance Range: 10 – 60K
  • Sensor Heat Consumption: 0.5-800mW
  • Detecting Concentration: 200-10000ppm



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