MPSA92 High Voltage PNP Transistor

Fr 500.00

MPSA92 is a high voltage transistor, it can switch loads upto 300V with a very low trigger voltage (VBE) of only 5V, and this feature makes it suitable for digital electronics which operates at 5V


Apart from having high voltage rating of 300V they also have good operating speed of 50MHz with a low output capacitance of 3pF, but the trade off here is its low current gain of 50 hfe and low collector current of only 500mA.


  • High Voltage PNP Transistor
  • Collector-Emitter voltage (VCE) is 300 V
  • Collector-Base voltage (VCB) is 300V
  • Emitter Base Voltage (VBE) is 5V
  • Continuous Collector current (IC) is 500mA
  • DC Current Gain (hFE), typically 40 when IC=10mA
  • Transition Frequency is 50MHz.


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