40 experiments on single board / Arduino Starter Kit for Arduino NANO MPK NT A100A | Micro-controller | Learning STEM Electronics Coding Programming

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MPK NT A100A is a programmable kit which enables the user to interface with embedded systems Easily. It integrates more than 20 commonly used electronic modules on one PCB only, this means no breadboard, no soldering needed all what required is to plug and play. All these features make it an ideal MPK NT 100A for education and online teaching. with this kit you can build more than 40 different experiments on it! We can say it’s STEM Lab on single board.



Now-days, all of us need to LEARN HOW TO CODE, PROGRAM & AUTOMATE: Start learning about electronics and home automation to improve your knowledge of coding, programming, and electronic automation systems. This Kit is ideal for high school students, college coding courses, STEM teaching aids, science fairs, hands on centers/Labs, self study, and anything related to STEM education.

MPK NT 100A BUILT FOR THE CLASSROOM OR HOME: Great for any skills level whether you’re a pro or beginner. making this kit the easiest way of learning about embedded system or Arduino/Microcontroller project. Setting up temperature and humidity detection, RFID entry, and much more is simple with our step-by-step instructions.


MPK NT 100A is designed to help everyone to be familiar with Arduino programming to interact with more than 10 Sensors, display and  Input/output components, to on one board.

This Kit is the best for Schools teachers, Students, and STEM Lovers.

Why could you choose MPK NT 100A among from others?

. Easy to connect various sensors on the board

. Self-protection of different tools that is not easy to damage any components

. Addition Breadboard for other sensors or components which not available on board, and this make this kit that can be multi-tasking on various purpose

. Books with 30 projects/experiments for supporting user and user manual of the kit

. Affordable price according to the independently of each component.

. Access STEM Lab at home and develop your talents, children’s talents or innovator’s talents and abilities.


  1. Suitable for Arduino beginners
  2. Suitable for STEM teaching
  3. Suitable for getting started with open-source hardware and Arduino coding.

Some of the Projects you can do with MPK NT A100A:

  1. Blinking LEDs
  2. Displaying a word in LCD display
  3. Displaying numbers on a 7 segment
  4. Scrolling words in LCD display
  5. Firefighting and save life
  6. Smart home security system
  7. open/close door without touching it
  8. Fading light
  9. Smart street light
  10. Traffic lights
  11. Home automation using IR and remote Control
  12. Password based door lock code system
  13. Temperature and humidity control
  14. Plant monitoring system
  15. Control Light using phone Bluetooth
  16. Piano buttons
  17. Bar graph
  18. Disco strobe lights
  19. Intruder sensor
  20. Light dimming
  21. Restricted area protection
  22. Electronic counter
  23. Distance measuring
  24. Logic gates
  25. PMW(pulse width modulation)
  26. Push button controlled led
  27. Control sound
  28. 5v relay module Control ac power
  29. Led chasing effect
  30. Analog value reading
  31. Dht11 temperature and humidity sensor
  32. Soil Humidity Sensor
  33. RC522 RFID Module
  34. Reaction time game
  35. Control the brightness
  36. Keypad to Arduino
  37. Reaction time game
  38. Parking sensor with ultrasonic
  39. Arduino siren alarm
  40. Seven Segment Display Countdown with Buzzer and LED

MPK NT 100A Specifications:

  1. Brand name: Nyereka Tech
  2. Recommendation Ages: 12+
  3. Theme: Enable Talents and abilities of young innovators across Africa
  4. Model Number: MPK NT A100A Full Start Kit for Arduino, IoT and Raspberry Pi
  5. Origin: Rwanda(Kigali)
  6. Date first available: 15, January, 2022
  7. Power Supply:5V

Restrictions : This kit is simple to use, but you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions and master basic electronic/electrical skills such as connection, voltage, and current. This kit is solely for educational purposes! Other uses will be determined by the buyer’s risks.

N.B: When using this KIT, be cautious of young children. It is necessary to seek advice from parents or teachers. Please refer to the Catalogue for instructions on how to use this KIT.


1×Arduino Nano

1× LCD display (16*2)

1×Seven segment display

1× MQ2 sensor

1× LDR sensor

1×Soil moisture sensor

1×DHT11 sensor


1×Ultrasonic sensor

1×Touch sensor

1×Keypad 4*4

4×Push buttons

1×Potentiometer 10K

1× Buzzer


2×Relay 5V

1×TSOP 4838

1× HC-05 Bluetooth module

1×170pts Mini Breadboard

Reserved resistors.(2×220Ώ, 2×1k, 2×10k, 2×100Ώ )

Additional: Negotiable Book with 30 experiments (Software)


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