MOC3021 Optocouple

Fr 1,500.00

As we know the term Optocoupler/optoisolater means the same that is we use light to indirectly couple to sets of circuits. The speciality of MOC3021 is that it has Zero-Crossing ability and is driven by a Triac.


MOC3021 is a Zero-Crossing TRIAC driven Optocoupler or Optoisolator.


  • Opto-isoator with Zero-Crossing Triac Driver
  • Input LED Diode Forward Voltage: 1.15V
  • LED Forward Latch Current: 15mA
  • TRIAC output terminal voltage: 400V (max)
  • TRIAC peak output current: 1A
  • Available as 6-pin PDIP with and without M-suffix


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