MINI USB Patch 5P USB Interface Charging Seat

Fr 200.00


One of the most commonly used ports in electronic components specially in mobile phones to power and data transfer to and fro is USB type B terminal. It is also used in other portable appliances like toys, portable speakers, smart watches, IoT devices, controllers for powering the device, data transfer and communication between two modules.  This mini USB connector is a 5 pin USB type B through hole packaging module also its pins are spaced 0.1mm apart so that it can also be connected to breadboard for prototype and testing also it can be connected with berg strips. Hence you can use it when you want your device to communicate with PC or you need to simply power the device.


  • Robust and Durable port
  • Standard size with high quality build
  • High transmission speed
  • Complying with physical, electrical and environmental requirements of Micro-USB 2.0


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