Mini Solar Panel 12V/165mA – 2Watt

RWF 15,000.00

Ideal for small home projects, science projects, electronic applications, charging small DC batteries, and another other DIY project with solar power supply.


This solar cell provides approximately 12VDC in direct sunlight at up to 2W (approximately 165 mA). Multiple units can be chained serial and/or parallel to increase voltage and current.


  • Rating: 12Vdc/165mA
  • 2w 12v Solar Panel
  • Size: 136mm x 110mm
  • CELL TYPE: Poly Crystalline
  • OPERATING TEMP: -20 ~ +60 C
  • WEIGHT: 60g
  • Great for DIY project, can be used to charge 12V batteries
  • Can be used for batteries charging during outdoor trip, camping, hunting or fishing trip


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