Machifit Motors 50TYZ-0.1F1 AC 220-240V 4W Synchronous Motor 48mm Dia Microwave Turntable Motor

Fr 8,000.00


50TYZ-0.1F1AC 220-240V 4W 48mm Dia Microwave turntable motor, synchronous motor.


  • 1.50TYZ-0.1F1has 2 flat contactors.
  • Low noise and long life.
  • The motor adopts copper wire core, which has quality assurance.


  • Model:50TYZ-0.1F1
  • Speed:29.5/35.4r/min
  • Motor Diameter:48mm
  • Shaft Size:5x20mm
  • Shape:Round
  • Direction:CW/CCW
  • Voltage:AC 220V-240V
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Power Input:1W
  • Power Output:4W
  • Main material:Metal


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