LM2576 Step-Down Voltage Regulator

RWF 700.00

LM2576 is a voltage Regulator IC, it uses the Buck-converter topology to step-down and regulate higher level voltage values to lower level.


It is of non-sync type and can take in an input voltage 40V maximum and source an output current of 3A maximum with a peak efficiency of 90%.


  • Switch mode step down voltage regulator
  • Output Voltage for fixed voltage regulator: 3.3V, 5V, 12V or 15V
  • Output Voltage for Variable type regulator: 1.23V to 37V
  • Output Current: Upto 3A
  • Maximum Input Voltage:  40V
  • In-built Thermal Shutdown and Current Limit Protection
  • Internal Oscillator: 52-kHz (Fixed Frequency)


  • Used in battery circuits since they have high efficiency
  • Step-down Linear regulators
  • Used in small SMPS circuits
  • Can also be used to source negative voltage.


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