Humidifier H2O

Fr 9,000.00



Product Name:Humidifier

Water Capacity:260ml

Spray Time:4-6hours

Rated Power:1.5-2W

Input interface:Micro USB

Rated Voltage:5V DC-1A

Light Time:Always On

Executive Standard:GB4807.1-2006

Product Size:72*72*120mm

Operation Instructions

* Spray operation:Turn on the power,click the key.Open the continuous spray mode,click again,starthe intermittent spray mode,spray for 4 seconds tostop for 8 seconds.And third times click the button to close all spray modes.

*Night light operation:Press and hold the key for 2 seconds to turn on the color light.Press and hold the key again to turn off the color light.

*Continous spray mode,4 hours automatic shutdown intermittent spray mode,8 hours automatic shutdown.

*For the first time,fill up with water(about 90%)and leave it for 3-5 minutes before starting up




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