First Microscope & Biology Lab | Science Kit

Fr 25,000.00

Mobile phone holder can be purchased and used together, more convenient for , clear.
Zoom high-definition imag, three different multiple objective, discover different mini world.
Strong body, stable structure, compact body, designed for children.
LED fill light, 8 aperture holes can be according to the size of the light control to enhance brightness.


Children’s biological microscope, the mini world gives you a new understanding, to meet your curiosity about the world.
Ergonomics, adjustable observation angle, arm bending bracket can be adjusted by 60 degrees, which can effectively adapt to most kinds of tabletops, take care of children’s spines, not easy to fatigue, observation is more comfortable.

Magnification: 100X / 400X / 1200X
: 2*AA (not included)
Colour: as shown
Material: plastic
Size: 7x12x22cm

Package Contents:
1 * Microscope
1 * Tweezers
1 * Specimen Box
1 * Specimen Slide
2 * Glass Slide
2 * Collection Bottle



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