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EGS002 EG8010 + IR2113 DC-AC SPWM Pure Sine Wave Inverter Module

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EG8010 is a digital pure sine wave inverter ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) with complete function of built-in dead time control. It applies to DC-DC-AC two-stage power converter system or DC-AC single stage low power frequency transformer system for boosting.

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EG8010 can achieve 50/60Hz pure sine wave with high accuracy, low harmonic and distortion by external 12MHz crystal oscillator. EG8010 is a CMOS IC that integrates SPWM sinusoid generator, dead-timecontrol circuit, range divider soft start circuit, circuit protection, RS232 serial communication, 12832 serial LCD unit.


  • Operating Voltage:5V DC
  • Length:62mm
  • Width:35mm
  • Height:50mm
  • Weight:10mm
  • Weight:0.015kg
  • Dimensions:653 Cm


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