RWF 2,000.00

CD4512 is a part of the CD4000 IC series. The CD4512 IC is an 8-channel data selector. The IC circuitry is housed within a CMOS circuit constructed using N and P – channel transistors.


Data selectors are primarily used for digital signal multiplexing, selecting 1 out of 8 inputs and routing the signal to the output. A high level at the Inhibit input forces a low level at the output.


  • Wide supply voltage range: 3.0V to 15V
  • High noise immunity: 0.45 VDD (typ.)
  • 3-STATE output
  • Low quiescent power dissipation:
  • 25 µW/package (typ.) @ VCC = 5.0V
  • Plug-in replacement for Motorola MC14512


  • Digital Multiplexing
  • Number-sequence Generation
  • Signal Gating


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