ABS Filament 3D 1.75mm 1kg Printing Materials with 3D Printing Black

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ABS has a printing temperature between 220°C and 260°C and is best used with a heated bed: a heated surface that prevents the material from warping, often caused by cooling down too quickly. ABS is very suitable for creating functional objects that can withstand rough handling and high temperatures. The material is hard, yet pliable and flexible and has a long lifespan.

3D printing with ABS

How does printing with ABS-filaments work exactly? Before you get serious, it’s advisable to experiment with the print temperature. The ABS print temperature is between 220°C and 260°C and the ideal temperature for a heated bed is around 60°C. To prevent warping, you should first test how the material reacts to your pen/printer and heated bed. ABS is very suitable for creating industrial objects and utensils that have to last a long time. Because of the high melting temperature, it can’t do any harm to leave an object in a hot car or on a windowsill in summer. The material has a matt appearance and is very strong, yet flexible. Be careful not to work with ABS for too long: plastic fumes are released during printing.

Benefits of ABS

  • Very strong, yet flexible
  • High melting temperature and thus good heat resistance
  • Suitable for making functional objects


  • Material:ABS
  • Weight:1Kg
  • ABS Print Temperature range:220°C and 260°C
  • Diameter:1.75mm
  • Color:Black


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