5 ways Flame Sensor

RWF 7,000.00

5 Way Flame Sensor Module Digital Analog Output Fire extinguisher Robot Arduino. Working principle: The item is able to detect the flame band respectively in the range of 700-1100 nm, short-wave near-infrared (SW-NIR), and is output via an electric signal (voltage signal).



Able to output a digital signal (high and low), easy to use
Able to output an analog signal (voltage signal),

the measurement signal can be more accurately, the occasions for high precision
All five outputs status indicator, so whether debug or bring great convenience in the practical application of
Digital output detection distance adjustable. The analog output sensitivity adjustable, more flexible design
Using 1% resistor design, signal output is more accurate,

suitable for the needs of high-precision measurement occasions
Onboard 3 M3 mounting holes for easy installation
3.3V-9V power supply, and is compatible with most of the SCM system
The patch devices used in all SMT process auto matic welding, military quality reliable


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