5.6 Ohm ±5% 0.25W, 1/4W Chip Resistor 1206

RWF 80.00


Small size and light weight, highly reliable multilayer electrode construction, compatible with all soldering process.
The Surface Mounted Devices chip resistor is widely used in telecommunications equipment, radio and tape records, TV tuners, industry, etc.

Material: Glass Glaze
Feature: Thick Film Chip Resistors
Device Package / Case: 1206
Per Piece Size: 0.12-inch/3.2mm x 0.06-inch/1.6mm x 0.02-inch/0.55mm(L*W*T)
Tolerance: +/-5%
Resistance Value: 5.6Ohm
Mark: 0
Power (Wattage): 1/4W
Rated Voltage: 0V
Maximum Working Voltage: 200V
Number of Terminals: 2


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