37 in 1 sensor kit for Arduino

RWF 28,000.00

37 in 1 sensor kit for all applications Providing various simple to complex sensor interface for embedded teaching and for to explore interfacing of various Sensors.


37 in 1 Sensor Kit for the Arduino system contains 37 individual modules which can be used to create many interesting experiments using the Arduino, AVR microcontrollers, PIC microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi etc. All of the modules packed in an organized box. Its a great package for Arduino experiments or as a basis for a larger project.


  • Temperature sensor module
  • Vibration switch module
  • Hall magnetic sensor module
  • Key switch module
  • 5 Infrared emission sensor module
  • Laser sensor module
  • Small passive buzzer module
  • 3-color full-color LED SMD modules
  • Photo interrupter module
  • 2-color LED module
  • Active buzzer module
  • Temperature sensor module
  • Temperature and humidity sensor module
  • 3-color LED module
  • Mercury open optical module
  • Photo resistor module
  • 5V relay module
  • Tilt switch module
  • Mini magnetic reed modules
  • Infrared sensor receiver module
  • XY-axis joystick module
  • Linear magnetic Hall sensors
  • Reed module
  • Flame sensor module
  • Magic light cup module
  • Temperature sensor module
  • 5mm red and green LED (common cathode) module
  • Knock sensor module
  • Obstacle avoidance sensor module
  • TCRT5000L sensor module
  • Automatic flashing colorful LED module
  • Analog Hall magnetic sensor module
  • Metal touch sensor module
  • Sensitive small microphone sensor module
  • Sensitive Big microphone sensor module
  • Finger measuring heartbeat module
  • Rotary encoder module




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