2N7002 N-channel MOSFET SMD SOT-23

RWF 400.00


2N7002 is a low voltage, low current Logic Level N-channel MOSFET. Because of its low on-state resistance and low input capacitance it is used in power management applications. The MOSFET can be easily controlled by 3.3V or 5V system voltage since it has low threshold voltage.


  • N-Channel MOSFET with low on-state resistance
  • Continuous Drain Current (ID) is 200mA
  • Drain Source Voltage (VDS) is 60V
  • On-state Resistance is <5Ω
  • Minimum Gate threshold voltage (VGS-th) is 1V
  • Maximum Gate threshold voltage (VGS-th) is 3V
  • Turn ON and Turn off time is 15ns and 8ns each
  • Available in To-92 and SOT23-3L package


  • Low current and Low Voltage switching applications
  • DC-DC Converters
  • eMobility applications
  • Application where low on-state resistance is required.
  • Power management applications


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