25 Watt 1 Ohm Wirewound Resistor Electronic Aluminium Shell Resistor

Fr 2,000.00


  • Basic Parameters
    Product Name : Aluminium Shell Resistors;
    Resistance Value :1Ω
    Power Rating : 25W;
    Resistance accuracy : ± 5% (J);
    Dimension : 27*15*15.5mm/1.06*0.59*0.61 inch(L*W*H) (The size does not contain Pins and fixed parts);
    Fixed part Size: 8.8 * 7.3mm / 0.35*0.29 inch (L * W).The bottom of the resistor protrudes with a mounting hole.
    Pins length : 12.1mm / 0.48 inch;
    External Material : Aluminum;
    Color : Gold ;
    Net Weight : 13.3g / 0.03b;
    Suitable for inverter, LED lights, speakers, frequency divider, servo industry and other industrial control
    This product using a professional process potting, with a solid, temperature, moisture resistance, high anti-vibration, explosion-proof and so on.


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