1KG Weight sensor Load Cell + HX711 AD Module

Fr 7,000.00

load cell module is a type of transducer,  for converting from one energy to another. It converts a force energy such as tension, compression, pressure, or torque into an electrical signal that can be measured, standardized and readable. As the force applied to the load cell increases, the electrical signal changes proportionally. The most common types of load cell used are hydraulic, pneumatic, and strain gauge.


This Weight sensor use the HX711 module uses 24 high-precision A / D converter. This chip is configured for high-precision electronic scale and design, it has 2 analog input channels, programmable gain of 128 integrated amplifier and ground with respectively positive. The input circuit can be configured to provide a bridge voltage electrical bridge (such as pressure, load).


  • 1kg straight bar load cell with HX711 amplifier module
  • Operating voltage range:6 to 5.5V
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to + 85 ℃
  • Load cell size: 12.7 x 12.7 x 75mm
  • ideal high-precision
  • low-cost sampling front-end module

Technical Parameters

Range: 0-1KG

Output sensitivity: 1.0±0.1mV/V
Zero output: ±0.1mV/V
Nonlinear: 0.05% F.S
Lag: 0.05% F.S
Repeatability: 0.05% F.S
Creep: 0.05% F.S/3min
Output impedance: 1000±5% ohms
Zero temperature drift: 0.05% F.S/10°C
Temperature sensitivity drift: 0.05% F.S/10°C
Load cell size: 81*13.5*13.5mm /  3.18*0.53*0.53in

Power consumption (including power supply circuit): Typical operating current: <1.7mA, shutdown current: <1μA

Lead Cable
Positive: red
Negative: green
Signal is positive: black
signal Negative : white

Package included:
1 * Weight Sensor
1 * HX711 Module


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