1000V KBPC3510 Rectifier Bridge Single-Phase Stack Square 35A

Fr 2,000.00

KBPC family of silicon bridge rectifiers has a reverse voltage of 600 V or 1000 V. The rectifiers offer different forward currents ranging from 15A to 50 A.


  • There are two types available, the KBPC W and the KBPC series which comes with 0.25 in solder FAST ON terminals. They are used in AC to DC conversion and in printed circuit applications.


  • Part No: KBPC3510.
  • Bridge Type: Single Phase.
  • Peak Average Forward Current IF: 35A.
  • Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage VR: 1000V.
  • Mounting Type: Screw Mount.
  • Package Type: KBPC Metal Case.
  • Pin Count: 4.
  • Diode Technology: Silicon Junction.
  • Configuration: Single.
  • Peak Non-Repetitive Forward Surge Current: 400A.


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